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BrayJay , 17 Jul 2009

Allthis time i thought i was alone

Wow, i feel some sort of reassurance to know I am not the only one...I have yet to meet anyone who picks their lips or face like I do...I want to cry I am so happy to know that there may be hope and at least I am not glad for this website and will start investigating all aspects...
3 Answers
July 17, 2009
you don't know how many people have said that they had no idea there was more of us. On behalf of everybody else in the community i would like to welcome you. I would also be happy to answer or try to answer any question you have. stay strong friend
July 19, 2009

In reply to by bas

Wow thanks! So I am going to start therapy this week for my lip picking. Have you heard/experienced therapy for this condition? Medication? Has it worked? Im excited but not to hopeful,,,i cant imagine not picking my lips...done it my whole life. :)
July 19, 2009

In reply to by bas

Sorry forgot some questions. Is there a common mental denominator in lip pickers? Like they all had overbearing parents or were molested or something along those lines? Have you stopped? How long? Are relapses normal? Can I develope cancer on my lips if I keep picking. Do you also like smooth things in life? Smooth cars, edges, things in general? Sorry Im obviously a newbie, I will probably hav more questions! :)

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