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BrayJay , 19 Jul 2009

What does face picking feel like? Please respond and help me understand better.

What do you feel when you are picking your face? What do you feel when you get something to come out? Do you prefer one type of zit over another? Do you examine what comes out? Do you smell it? What do you feel? Do you get sad when you dont have anything to pick on your face? Are you an expert at spotting a budding one? Have you ever used a safety pin or sharp object to dig it out? Ever had the feeling "If I just squeeze it the right way or dig a little farther I will get the root out and eveything will be fine? Have you ever had one so big it was like a cyst and it was the greatest thing ever when it all came out? Have you ever picked so bad you were embarassed to leave the house? Do you like to pluck hairs too? Do you take any type of mental health medication? Do you search your body for anything that feels pickable? I feel so sick for saying this stuff but at the same time want to release it to the right people as I no longer am alone and its a little less embarassing... I dont know what I feel when I pick I think about everything but no emotion seems prevelant. It really is like a trance. I love getting a zit out. Especially a big blackhead because it doesnt leave a mark. I love when I hear it pop. I often wipe it on a tissue and when Im done I look at the tissue - I am in awe that this much stuff was in my skin and happy that I took so much out. But I dont exactly feel "happy" - I cant explain it and would appreciate help. I dont think this is normal. Im embarassed and ashamed. First step admitting it. Next step: therapy. :)
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August 26, 2009
Yes to everything! I understand your urge to actually share these kind of details. When I think about it, I'm a master of all the different kinds of picks I can do on my face, and it's funny to think that I could really spend hours describing all the minutia. But I don't, and never have, because I feel embarassed and really, really frightened of any hint of gross out on a listener or reader's face. As much as we pickers know that it's gross on the outside, it doesn't feel gross when we actually do it. It just feels fascinating. Then of course comes a whole host of other emotions as we step back and see what we've done to our skin. Good for you for putting some of the intricate scenarios into words in your post! My last thoughts are: we didn't choose to be pickers. If you or I decide one day and really believe inside that it is not gross and nothing to be ashamed of, maybe we could simply feel the emotions you describe (trance, awe, happy) without the crap of being dragged down by those other words we feel we have to use like embarassed or ashamed?
September 08, 2009

In reply to by Alameda

yeah the trance awe and happy i can relate to ...its like you can't snap out of it until you are done and you are on no one else's time but yours...its a good and bad feeling..
September 04, 2009
I can remeber my first zit pop very clearly. I had scrached at blemishes and scabs since i was a child but i didnt know it was actually possible to 'pop' a zit until 7th grade when someone mimed their own fingers at their own chin in telling me i had a 'zit really ready to pop.' I had very bad skin at this point, this was a full and perfect zit- I barely touched it and it just shot out with big yellow pus and blood and clear puss and the next day it was a tiny scab and the next day it was gone. ......... I remember one specifically on my temple that was so huge and deep and must have been right on a nerve. It was giving me an awful headach! I would hold my breath and try to pop it and it hurt SO bad i couldnt see or i would see spots for a second after trying and failing to pop it. Fnally, one last try and it popped! and the pain was gone! it was a feeling of instant releave. I honestly think of that moment often. Theres one or two others I remembere specifically. Right now I havent touched my face in 4 weeks. Im wondering ! What is all that puss and blood doing now?? Although, my skin doesnt really "Pop" like that anymore.. because ive raked and scavanged it Looking for thoes perfect espically the hidden big ones. It did become just a time for me to turn myself off and be occupied. And it was aggrivated by my bad skin for sure. but I am certian i would have fairly clear skin now if i 'wanted' to. I do want to. I have still been raking my chest and back and sholders. I just now am begining to see how destructive and painful this behavior is. I am working hard to be very honest with myself and realistic about this irrational mindset. I am working hard to Feel the actual physical pain i am causing. I want to give this up! and i have been praying for this to be taken away for a long time... still workin on it.
September 08, 2009
Yes. I've avoided to leave the house a few times when it has looked like my face has been badly assaulted! Like a golf ball-sized red scab on my cheak. I have SSRI medicine for depression. Yes, I use tweezers to dig in the skin. Therapy is a good idea, sometimes only telling about your troubles make you think of solutions! Good luck to you! :)

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