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stepharmi , 21 Jul 2009

Skin picking and shopping addiction

Does anybody else have a shopping addiction/compulsion? Not only do I pick my fingers constantly, I also spend money I don't have and owe thousands of dollars. If I don't buy something, I find that I pick my fingers more. I feel anxious by not shopping. Is there a correlation that anyone knows of?
3 Answers
July 23, 2009
You sound exactly like me! When I am stressed (which is most of the time) I compulsively shop on Ebay, stores etc. I also am thousands in debt. My thumbs are bloody stumps most days. Been waiting to get the acrylics but am too embarrassed for nail tech to see my thumbs. I have to stop picking for awhile to get them done. If you want to chat my email is
July 24, 2009
Wow, I didn't even think my shopping addiction could be connected to this! I have to avoid malls,shopping strips, E-bay,etc., because I always have to buy something. Naturally, I forget about the bills I should be paying, which puts me in debt. Debt causes stress, stress makes me either pick or shop. I wonder if I get a handle on the picking, if it will also help with my shopping? Hope you succeed!
August 01, 2009
Wow!! You sound just like me! I am always shopping and buying things that I dont need and never use. When I shopping I forget about my face and all the things wrong in my life but when I'm not shopping I am picking or thinking about going out.

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