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maddykins , 22 Jul 2009

Too scared about meeting my new fella because of my skin picking.

Am on my own this afternoon which is the worst thing as I have picked some spots/scabs already so have sore arms before tonight!!! I have been texting and chatting on the phone to a nice man and hopefully will be meeting up very soon but I am dreading him seeing my arms, back, bum and tops of my legs which are covered in spots and scars from picking my skin for over 25 years!!!! Do you think that a truly caring and understanding man could see beyond that and find you sexy and beautiful even though I feel that I look a right mess!!!!!! I am over weight too which I am also conscious of. Just think he will look at me and think how disgusting and never hear from him again!!!!! Every day I say I will stop but it never happens. So glad I found this site and know there are alot of us out there suffering on a daily basis. have been a single parent for nearly 8 years so every night on my own when daughter in bed which is prime time picking time!!!! Hopefully if I ever settle down and live with a nice man my picking will ease as I will have company to distract me from picking. Take care all. x

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