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July 24, 2009

For me,squeezing the pimples or blackheads is just the beginning on the slippery slope of picking my face. Usually,after you have done the initial squeeze, you will get a hard pimple crust. There is no way I can resist picking this! Then,after several picks of the pus (or whatever it is),you will start to bleed,forming a scab. Can you resist picking the scab? Not me! I would say that if you are trying to stop picking, you will have to stop the initial squeezes. In addition to the techniques to stop picking, I would suggest spending the money on a good acne system like Proactiv. If the pimples and blackheads aren't there in the first place, it may make it easier to stop picking. Hope you are successfull!

July 25, 2009

Am thinking that to begin with I am going to try and restrict myself to just picking the most visible spots, you know the 1s, the 1s with the white heads that are just ready, I know what you mean tho, for me its the not so noticeable spots that makes the most mess, I convince myself if I squeeze it will pop and of course it doesnt and starts to bleed, next it is a scab and a spot and starts to get bigger so you do it again, my worst case of this has been ongoing for 3 weeks, started of small lump and is now a huge infected scabby area, I have it now and will soon be going into week 4 because I cant leave it alone to heal, its so hard to resist