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Caylynn , 23 Jul 2009

Is it over, or am I just starting up again

Hi. I'm new here. My name is Caylynn and I'm 14 years old. I started picking my scabs at... I think I was 11 or 12 years old. I have no idea how it started, I just started scratching at myself. It started on my stomach and my buttocks (yeah, my butt.). Then I started picking at my arms, legs, feet, thighs, eventually my face. I always hated wearing shorts or sleeveless shirts so I wore pants year round. I told my mom, and she suggested it may be anxiety related because anxiety runs in my family. I stopped for a while, then I started up again, then stopped again. But sometimes I find my hand straying toward an old scar and I see blood and I get those old feelings again. Like enjoyment or a need to pick. I hope I'm not starting up again, because my scars are clearing up and everything. I don't want all that to have been for nothing. And I'm wondering if I had either an acute case or severe, or are all cases the same? I don't feel stressed or anything, it's when my hands aren't doing anything and I'm watching t.v. or in school. I just want to stop.
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July 27, 2009
Wow! your not alone in this..I can totally relate by what you means about picking on everywhere just like you did too. I know we are felt ashamed by what we were wearing on this days. My old scars are gone but not at least is my back and my butt too. It was slowly progress. I know it's hard to pick sometimes. You have to keep your hands busy for whatever you feel likes to do or your hobby. That's what I do all the time but sometimes I find it hard at night so It was really great for me. I'm a day 22 and still counting the days goes by!

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