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bas , 25 Jul 2009

sex and picking

I don't know if anybody else feels the same but i have less of urge to pick after sex. Even for several days after. However, it seems that wanting sex and not having any leads me to pick more. Especially when I could have but didn't. For example, I was away for a 5 days and i stayed faithful to my girl when I was away. I come back and the next morning I go to her house for breakfast. Seemingly alone and considering its been a week ( we are a very active couple, due to my picking and her BDD we have a lot of stress and we find that sex helps, so a week for us is a long wait); I was expecting it to be a good morning. When unexpectedly her aunt shows up to visit. I stay for a while and then I go to the gym hoping to work out the frustration. I do some biceps and some triceps, as well as abs and cardio. A full intense workout. But it wasn't enough to curb my anxiety. So i go home and pick more than i have for the rest of the week combined, a total of 25 scabs ranging from my chest to shoulders to face, For the previous week I only picked 22 scabs all week long, some of which were the same scab over again. So all in all I think i found that for me, sex or lack thereof is a big factor in my stress and subsequently anxiety levels which affect my picking. Any thoughts? I know its a taboo subject but most of us are adults here. Please share. stay strong.
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