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XxX SaRaH XxX , 25 Jul 2009

hi everyone

hi, im 17 and ive been picking at my skin, mainly my arms and face, since i was about 11. i cant remember why i ever started, or why its become such a habbit, its always bothered me, the scarring and going out in public. im always so envious of those with perfect skin, i would have had alright skin if i never touched it. i really wanted to stop, ive tried cutting my nails too short, wearing gloves, long sleeves, but that nervous urge just gets to great. ive thought through over and over what could be triggering it, and how i could stop it. i suppose ive always had low self esteem, and a bit ashamed of myself. like when i was younger i had horrible nightmares, was scared of the dark and wet the bed until i was about 9 yrs old. i never really assumed that would actually cause skin picking, always thought it would be some kind of severe loss or trauma that would do it. although my older sister by two years, began to develop a drinking problem when she was about 14. kicked out of home for her drinking habbits when she was 16, rehab when she was 17, now about to turn 19 and is living on the streets doing hard drugs and stealing (court three times and put in jail for a week). but the problem was, although she wasn't professionally assessed (my sister refused it) my of the social workers etc. believed she had a form of autism or borderline personality disorder. me and my sister were very close, and still are although i dont see her much. im not troubled by any of it however, so im worried there may be a cause to my skin picking other than environmental causes. a link between my sisters possible mental illness and my compulsive self mutilation? (i have other bad habbits other than skin picking, but its the most damaging in matter of self esteem) any clue would be greatly helpful thanks sarah
2 Answers
July 26, 2009
I think that what your sister's doing to cope is just another version of what we're all doing. IMO, stress leads to anxiety which leads to wanting to escape or find a way to cope. When I'm picking I'm _completely_ zoned out. Might be the same for her drinking as well. Just be there for her as much as you can, without enabling her use. I'm sure she'll appreciate the support and having a friend.
July 26, 2009

In reply to by Kathy

yea that is quite true, she's lost all hope in herself and thinks she cant change. i guess the longer you do it the harder it is to change. rehab did help for her, but she needs that constant support, but my dad has pretty much disowned her. it was hard for him as his own father was an alcoholic. i never get to see my sister because she has no phone, no home, to be honest i have no idea where she is atm..i want to help but i have no idea how. its driving me crazy

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