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vicker-the-picker , 25 Jul 2009

Whats Happening To Me, I'm New

I can't believe I just found this site, I thought it was just me going mad, am a bit different to some of you guys in that my obsession has only got really bad in the last 3 weeks, its getting worse by the day, I started just picking away at the tiniest of lumps etc on my face, then moved up to my head and am now on my neck, am a mess, am creating scars I know it but I cant stop, as soon as I get home from work or am alone I get my magnifying mirror out and then it starts and I physically cant stop till I have examined every part of my skin from neck up, before this I had great skin, never had an acne problem and now I have these scars and scabs appearing everywhere, even when I am standing talking to someone I find my hands feeling around my neck or face for lumps, scabs I can attack later or scabs I can pick off, whether this is linked or not around the same time I have also developed an obsessions with touching my hair at the front, I constantly have to keep running my nails alone my hair, feeling the ends etc, this has gotton really bad and am doing it like every 5mins of the day now, am not happy unless am picking or touching my hair, what is going on and why, its really getting me down now, I need to stop before I make a real mess of my face, everyone is commenting, any ideas comments are very welcome, thanks

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