Can picking be related to PTSD

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January 17, 2008

i am so sorry you've been through such traumatic events. i strongly believe that skin picking goes along with anxitey, depression, ocd, etc......i have issues with all that and i've picked for many years. when things get too overwhelming and i get really stressed out, i will pick almost nonstop sometimes even when i'm sleeping too. a combo of medication and counseling worked pretty good for me a couple years ago. but i stopped the counseling and now i'm back in a pretty bad episode of picking all over myself. if you aren't in counseling for the underlying fears, anxieties, stressors in your life, i might suggest starting there. i know that's the route i need to go, just gotta get the motivation to do it.

September 08, 2008

my picking started when i was harrased 8 years ago by several guys so i can completely relate. I think i just wanted to be ugly. my picking is still out of hand and i am a model now so i have to do a lot of covering up sometimes why my skin is bad. lucky for me the modeling world is quite artificial and there is nothing what photoshop can not fix. i am 24 now and i had enough. i want to get trough this struggle but its every day picking myself up and so far every day has been a failure so far.