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purplefairyxoxo , 01 Aug 2009

I look horrible

I've always had a small problem touching my face and picking pimples over and over untill I 've created a huge sore which looks like I have some kind of disease. For the las 7 or 8 months my picking has become evan worse. I cant seem to stop and I hate it!! I also stopped hanging with friends. I am very anti- social and I have paranoid thoughts of people talking about me and when I go into a store I feel like cashier loks at me thinks I'm so disgusting! I dont have a skin problem when I dont pick, my skin is fine and Ive never had acne or anything but I'm creating this ugly mess all over my face and back.
1 Answer
August 01, 2009
I pick at my arms all the time. I get cuts on my arms because I have cats that sometimes scratch when picked up. I then pick at all the scabs over and over again until they scar. Now my arm looks terrible and people ask me what happened? I lie and blame the cats. You're not alone with your struggle

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