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Myself , 03 Aug 2009

Hi there!

wow, i didn't know there are so many people with the same problem that i have. I didn't even know i had this problem until today when i went to dermatologist. I mean i did acknowledge i had acne and a problem of picking my skin and i've been to several dermatologists before. But few years i've been living with my problem and thinking that i have an acne which can't be cured. Today i went to a dermatologist and she told me that my skin would be nice if i stopped picking it and that i've grown out of my teenage acne. So now when i can just stop the picking i could have a great looking skin i've dreamed of the last 10 years or so. But how can i possibly stop when the picking has become a stupid ritual for me. And i used to pick my nails as a child but my nails are perfect now so i think i found my acne to pick on instead of my nails. I also had nightmares when i was younger and until now i'm still scared of the dark sometimes. Isn't that ridiculous? Probably i'm a nervous person. But it just doesn't fit in my head how can i not just stop it?! I mean i am a really persevering person and i have gotten rid of every harmful habit i've had (like smoking and overeating, even nose picking and nail picking as a child). So what's wrong with me now? The doctor asked me if i'm unhappy with my life or stressed at work. No, not really. Can the problem be that everything is just ok and nothing but ok? But what should i do about that? i do go out and even try to not care about the scars that i have and still wear dresses and short tops that show my arms (well, on some days when i go really too far with scratching i really can't), but it doesn't help me stop scratching. I've had my ups and downs and sometimes i really get almost well but then something makes it worse again. I will certainly try to cut my nails short when i go home today. What else could possibly help??? Good luck to everyone with the same problem. Be strong!

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