i'm abi and i think i have dermatophasia

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August 06, 2009

OMG that's me I pick a scab on my head then blot with tissue or on some rough paper. My feet got so torn up on the heals it hurt, that's healed now but still pick my little toes which often hurt when I go too far and I have not had little toenials since I was about 5. My saclp is the worst

August 08, 2009

I'm a skin picker (and hair puller) who picks at every part of my body. Literally, if I can reach it, I pick it. My picking over time has only gotten progressively worse. Recently, I found a 12 step group for skin pickers that has SAVED MY LIFE. I now have HOPE. There is a weekly phone meeting. I'm not facing this devistating illness alone anymore and I no longer have to "figure it out." THERE IS A SOLUTION. Please call in if you need support. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. SKIN PICKER'S ANONYMOUS PHONE MEETING - Sundays at 7PM EST. Call in #: 1-270-696-2525 / Access Code: 12128