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sparrow , 05 Aug 2009

Confessional Blog and Recovery

Hi, I recently came upon this site. After reading through your posts, I have been inspired me to create a confessional blog. I am on my way to recovery, both with skin picking and other things(that I go into on the blog), and I have decided to write a public and very candid diary on my day to day struggles and achievements. If you have the time, do drop by and read a little, and perhaps leave a comment of support, advice or what-have-you. I hope to help myself as well as others by keeping this online diary and showing that "Difficult things take time and impossible things take a little longer." Nothing long lasting happens overnight! Thanks for your time and thank you to all who have been brave enough to admit your problems to others and most importantly, to yourself. -Sparrow.
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Ms. Lilac
September 24, 2009
Hey Sparrow! I was glad to find your blog - I too started one, I can't seem to comment - maybe it's the server I'm on atm that's blocking some things, but I just wanted to let you know I was reading. I hope you do some more updates in the future. -Ms. Lilac

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