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addicted , 06 Aug 2009

Scalp picking is like Crack just can't stop

I don't do it to cause pain. I certainly don;t do it for attention. Its not a substitute for food althouh i do admit me own flesh and blood is pretty tasty. I hate my hair and the way I look , so why am I doing somehting that's just gonna make these 2 things even worse?? I can't stop litterally its like a drug. I keep putting betnovate scalp application on it which stings like a bugger but I don;t mind, even sort of like it. But it never gets better cos I just can't sotp picking at it. If I can go 24 hrs thats and acheivement but the it comes off nicely and starts again. Thinki'd need to leave it at least 3 days to get better. Also pick and eat skin on feet and hands and any wehre I get a scab. Sounds disgusting and I never let anyone see this or tell anyone. Its not that bad because I am clean and it tastes good , salty and chicken like. Haven't had my hair cut for over a year cos I'm too embarrassed to let anyone see my scalp. ben doing this ever since I was a very young child, over 20 years now. want to stop cos afraid of the long term damage its doing. Comforting to know others do the same thing And yes, I too have been diagnosed with anorexia, depression, BDD,OCD and all those intertwined behaviours but still don;t quite get where this fits in. I swear it like crack
3 Answers
August 06, 2009
Do you have psoriasis? I pick my scalp as well on a pretty regular basis especially when the weather is humid. I don't eat the skin fragments from my scalp but I do pick at it quite often and yes, it's embarrassing.
Diva Who Picks
August 22, 2009

In reply to by tonysbricksmoocher14

Well I am a scalp picker who has psoriasis. I don't eat my "fragments" (lol cute) as you call them, but I enjoy finding piece and trying to leave it intact as I take it out. I actually used a medicated scalp shampoo for psoriasis specifically and it REALLY helped. Of course, you have to resist the urge to pick while the scalp is healing, which is almost impossible, but I managed to do it with the use of acrylic and gel nails. It was all good for a while. My scalp got better within a couple of weeks thanks to the shampoo, and I couldn't pick with the nails on. I was good for almost a year. Then, I lost my job, couldn't afford the nails and had already finished off the shampoo long ago. Now I'm picking my scalp more than ever before, picking at my lips, and rubbing my skin so hard until I can get little balls of dirt or lotion or whatever it is off of my body. It's really embarrassing. I know it's a disorder and that we all have a serious problem but a big part of me tells me I have to will myself to not do it anymore and that I can stop on my own. Do you guys think it's possible?
August 08, 2009
I'm a skin picker (and hair puller) who picks at every part of my body. Literally, if I can reach it, I pick it. My picking over time has only gotten progressively worse. Recently, I found a 12 step group for skin pickers that has SAVED MY LIFE. I now have HOPE. There is a weekly phone meeting. I'm not facing this devistating illness alone anymore and I no longer have to "figure it out." THERE IS A SOLUTION. Please call in if you need support. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. SKIN PICKER'S ANONYMOUS PHONE MEETING - Sundays at 7PM EST. Call in #: 1-270-696-2525 / Access Code: 12128

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