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Mama_J , 12 Aug 2009

Greetings from a soon-to-be FORMER skin picker/mutilater

On Aug.17 I am undergoing aggressive laser treatment (fraxel) which will eliminate: scars, sun damage, fine lines & wrinkles-in short, everything that I've spent hundreds of hours during the past decade obsessing over. It is going to cost me $5,000, which is almost as much as the tummy tuck & abdominal muscle repair surgery I had back in April. This is a one time procedure-no future 'touch-ups" will be required. Optimal results will be seen in approx. 6 mos. In a couple of months i am also going to have permanent eyeliner & lipcolor applied. You had better belive there will be no magnifying mirrors of any sort in my possesion EVER again. P.S. To me it is worth every cent it will cost.

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