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skinpicker123 , 16 Aug 2009

a story of a 20 year old skin-picker

hello :) i'm 20 years old and i've been picking my skin(face,back and my chest) for 5 years now.I've always thought I was alone and that i was craty for doing this.I've tried so many times to put stop to this habit but I still haven't found the way. This problem made me depressed most of the time,I don't even go out often and if i do i feel so embarrased and humiliated.I'm ashamed of myself, because there are so many worse illnesses and conditions and pepole seem to manage with them much better than I with this problem. This year,for the first time i started picking my chest...i don't have to say they look horrible...especially,my back. This is so sad,because i was so happy before this.And I can say I really am beautiful,but i can't seem to find the way,some kind of reason or encouragement to stop this. The thing that makes me sad the most is that I've become rude to the closest people in my life,I'm always sitting in my room,never hang out with them...i don't want them to see me looking like's so sad...because i would give 30 years of my life just to live 5 years carefree and without this problem. i hope i'll find the way and start living the life again. Hang on people,hope we will all come to a solution :)

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