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sweetuncertainty , 18 Aug 2009

Anyone usually start from mosquitoe bites?

I am an 18 year old female. I have been picking for as long as I can remember. What usually provokes me is mosquitoe bites because I scratch them until they turn into scabs and then I pick the scabs. Then when a new scab forms I pick it again. It's just a cycle and each time the scab gets bigger. People often ask "What happened?" like it was one event that caused this big scab but I always end up lying and saying "Oh, I don't remember." or "Oh, nothing." I'm not about to explain to them that I just pick at myself constantly. Do you find yourself lying for the sake of your scabs? Do you ever start picking from a mosquitoe bite? I would love to stop because it leaves my skin so horribly unattractive in areas but I always get this rush out of doing it. I never really thought it was psychological until I found this site and read up on the causes of it and it definitely fits what I'm going through. Every time I pick it feels like the world momentarily stops and all I have to think about and focus on is getting the scab off and once it's gone it's an amazing feeling. I tell myself all the time that I'm going to stop, but the next second I find my hand picking at another scab. I definitely worry a lot and have high anxiety. I'm most certain that this is the cause of my picking. Can anyone relate to any this?
7 Answers
August 18, 2009
Absolutely! I normally 'blame' my sores as infected mosquito bites. My close friends and some family members do know about my compulsion. I explain that half the time I don't even realize I'm picking until after it is done. I explain that for some reason I cannot tolerate ANY bump or uneven surface on my skin. Thankfully-those who love you will empathize and understand. It was only a few years ago that I realized how many others are afflicted with this disorder.
August 20, 2009

In reply to by 50yearpicker

AHh! yes, the mosquitoes bites are haunting me for years and I did the same thing as you guys but I usually picks it off when they bites on everywheres on my body. It's a struggles during the summer months and so on. No one told me to stop but my mom told me to stop and I just wants do it for myself to stop and so on many things to do in my head. I usually sleep when I picked it off the mosquitoes bites and until it bleeds alots so I didn't even realize why I did pick during in my sleep then I woke up and there was a blood under the sheets. I would hates to see my mom saw it and but guess what? she saw it! ( that was a years ago). I did stop picking in my sleep and it was great so it was hard to sleep with my picking...It's just a habit! that all I could do is stop for myself..
August 18, 2009
Mosquito bites! Yes, they're the start, and also the easiest things to blame for on-going scabs and open sores. I'm almost 60 and have been doing this for years and years. I'm so happy to have found this community of people. I have both anxiety and depression. I go through all of the same thoughts and feelings as you. As an addictions counselor, I believe in the strength of the group, but never had a group of people before who were like me. I have great hope that now that I've found people like me, I can stop picking and start to heal.
August 18, 2009
I have also blamed many of my sores on mosquitoe bites. I do the same. I itch them or pick at them until it oozes. I hate the thought of anything in my skin, especially pus. I scratch mosquitoe bites, they scab, I pick the scabs, then they get infected and then I pick it at them cause they are red and inflamed. I can have a sore from one bite for months. I don't know why I do this. I'm new to knowing about CSP. I really just realized that is what I have a couple months ago. I'm 33 and been doing this all my life, as long as I can remember. The realization that I am doing this to myself is just sickening and quite depressing! I've always wondered what was wrong with me. Knowing that some are mosquitoe bites, others are any kind of bump or rash from heat or whatever, or some just being an imperfection that I wanted removed. Now I've been realizing how much I do it and how much I do it unknowingly. Totally becoming an eye awakening for me. As I sit here and read some of these posts, I'm scratching my leg and don't even realize until I need to get up for tissue because I'm bleeding again... This is crazy!
August 24, 2009
Hi. I'm 22 years old and new to this forum. If I didn't know better, I would have said that I personally wrote all of your comments. It really helps to know I'm not alone, that other people do this, too. I pretty much start from any sore or bump--like all of you said, I can't handle ANY uneveness on my skin--but mosquito bites are a common one. The scratching feels good and then they make a really great scab. I know the idea of a "great" scab sounds weird to most people, but perhaps it won't to you. Anyway, months after the original bite, I still have a nasty sore, usually on my legs but often on my arms as well. I remember the first time I did it--it was on a mosquito bite. I do what all of you seem to when people ask--lie my head off. I'm so tired of it. I want it to stop but I don't want to give it up.
July 18, 2018

Hi, I started picking 2017 in the Springtime. Super mosquitos as well as Fl. yellow flies, suck the life out of me and produce unbearable itching.Of which I always scratch to the scabbing stage.. I've encountered this every warm season since the super insects seemed to attack with more vengeance then before these last few years.. However, until I learned of my husband's cheating along with all the torture from his lies, betrayal, and deceipt - did I begin with the scab picking obsession, of which really compliments my damaged self esteem..My marriage is still intact but my trust issues and devestation , and now my picking addiction , are my personal demons I must family are grieved and shocked that I've did this to myself..But they love me and support me, especially my daughter who has waged war against my habit and my heartbreak..I am about to try the rubber band therapy and continue to cry out to our Lord Jesus to deliver me from these spirits.. I will keep updating my post and potential progress..My prayers are with you as I feel your struggle.. We will overcome!!!

June 03, 2021

I am the same way. I knew about skin picking but pushed it off because mine are about bug bites and pimples. I guess like you, I feel it as a coping mechanism. I hate it when it's in noticeable places because then you either explain or lie. When it's not visible it's easier to pick for me. But then I ruin clothes.

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