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scabby , 17 Jan 2008

does it run in your family?

i was just curious how many other 'pickers' have family members who are skin pickers or have other related disorders? my mother and sisters all like to pick, not to the extent that i do, but they have for years. depression, anxiety, ocd tendencies, bipolar disorder also run in my immediate and extended family. just wondering how much of a factor heredity might be playing in this picking disorder.
28 Answers
April 21, 2010
i'm adopted but i have kept in touch with my birth mom my whole life. She, her sister, her son and i all pick at their skin. I think it is hereditary.
June 20, 2010
my mum, my older brother and younger brother all pick, i feel bad for my younger bro as i recon he started doing it when he saw me pick, i know i started to pick when i saw my big bro picking the ingrowing hair in his elbows
June 21, 2010
My mom has OCD; she is a hoarder. She also has PTSD and a history of depression. My grandmother was a smoker for many years and she was a picker. I was recently told that she used to peel the skin off her heels until they bled and I remember seeing her pick at scabs in her nose.
June 24, 2010
My mother has trichotillomania, where she picks out her hair, and my dad picks his skin too. My dad also has a slew of mental and personality problems, but none that have ever been diagnosed because he refuses to go near a doctor.
June 27, 2010
Well, I know my mother has this too. She picks at her face constantly, and her scalp. But she doesn't literally know she has this, Im the only one who looked it up. I haven't told anyone yet. But I know that my mother's father, my grand father, he has it too. He has to shave all the hair off his body or it bothers him, and he scratches horribly at his skin constantly. So I guess for my case, it does have to do with genetics, along with anxiety problems, and probably a whole bunch of other mental stuff.
July 05, 2010
I know that my mom likes to pick but it doesn't even come close to my obsession. Pretty much she just picks things here and there. When I was younger I would get her to pick things on my back and for some reason I found it soothing. My sister also likes to pick zits but that is the extent of it. I pretty much pick every pore that looks dirty. My aunt chews the side of her face with here teeth...which I have been doing since I was in elementary school. My family likes to pick but for me it is an obsession that has taken over my life.
July 18, 2010
My dad picks a scab he has on his neck, but, like other people it's not an obsessoion like it is with me. My aunt apparently did it when she was a teenager too
February 23, 2021

My mom, older sister, younger brother, and I all pick our skin. We all pick our faces, my mom picks her arms, and I pick my chest and back. Related disorders would be my depression and anxiety, but I'm the only one it in my family (besides my older brother and grandfather who don't pick their skin).

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