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anna22 , 19 Aug 2009

Removing skin picking scars and bruises

Is there any product that can be used to remove the scars and burst blood vessels around the picked skin? I pick at my legs, mostly where there are ingrown hairs or infected pores. This leaves little brown marks once the hair and the pus or dirt has been removed. I am sooooo embaressed! I want to wear shorts but I have all these spots- can anything help to get rid of them?! Thanks!
2 Answers
August 24, 2009
I have seen ads where people have supposedly had good success with Emu Oil. The problem is in finding a good source. Apparently,the quality varies widely. A better bet would be BeautiControls " Demarkable". The reason being, is that they have a money back guarantee that is totally no hassle,you don't even have to return the product.

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