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cici2112 , 22 Aug 2009


I am so relieved to find this sight. As I sit here, I either have a piece of skin or scab being pulverized between front teeth. I don't remember which, because I don't even remember doing it. I am holed up in my apartment because my entire body is covered in squeezed irritated welts and scabs. Lovely. My apartment overlooks the pool, and I could not feel any more like a loser. Right when it starts to get better, I mutilate my self all over again and look like a full blown tweaker. I've missed many happy occasions due to this disease. Does anyone have a suggestion for the best meds for this peculiar combo of OCD?(scab eating/picking) I had no idea there was even a name for it. Phew! P.S. I'm sure someone has already posted this, but it helps a great deal to wash/shower etc in the dark. Not pitch black obviously, but darker the better.

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