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tiredofpicking , 24 Aug 2009

Seeking help/support

I have been a CSP for 20 years. It started as a child during a very rough time in my life. My mom was very neglectful, emotional/physically abusive, and her boyfriend fondled me. I remember my mom fussing at me a lot about me picking at my face at that time. Well, I never really learned how to self-soothe in ways that weren't harmful. I overate, bit my nails until they bled/were sore, and would beat myself in my face at times when I felt emotionally out of control. I no longer bite my nails or beat myself in the face and work on the overeating. I've only had about 2 years of a time when I didn't pick at my face. I noticed that the behavior worsened while I was in grad school. I began picking at my face, my arms, back, legs, biting the skin on my lips, and sometimes pulled my hair. I think my face looks the worse it ever has been. I've thought a few times in my life to stop picking at my face. I have some mild acne but if I didn't have all of these scars/scabs on my face, the acne probably wouldn't even be noticeable. I know there is no group for us to formally meet like AA or NA. But, it is nice to know there are others out there like me that want to stop and will support you. Thank you for reading.... Day 1 of no more CSP........ We can do this!
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August 24, 2009
I have read in one of these forums that there is a help line to call. So there is hope, a light at the end of the tunnel. If I stumble onto the number or information I will post the info for you. Good luck!

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