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caroline , 28 Jan 2008

Really, really disgusting... picking out poo. Does anyone else do this?

I skin pick- mainly my scalp - and eat the scabs. (See my other posts on this site re this issue) However, even more abhorrently, I pick poo out of my bum. This started two years ago after I had had colonic irrigation a couple of times as I never felt that my bowel was properly emptied. (I have IBS) I didn't think that the colonics really did any good, but I became obsessed about what was up there ready (or not) to be passed... Even more than skin picking, this habit/compulsion revolts me, as well as it being totally unhygenic (I do it in the shower and have been known to do it while showering at other people's houses, in hotels, at the gym). It's absolutley VILE!!!! But I can't rest if I find there's a scab on my head or bits of stool in my rectum. Does anyone else in the world do this? It's a search that I've tried many times on google but doesn't come up with anything so I feel like the world's only poo-picking freak. But I've found, to my relief, that I wasn't the only scalp picker so that's why I'm now admitting this too.
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January 29, 2008
I don't do this. But I ask you never, ever, ever feel like a freak. Please. This world is filled with people who have problems of all sorts. Sometimes the only outlet that we have for our stresses is ourselves. It's just sad, shameful and painful the things we do to ourselves. Please take care of yourself. We're all in this together. Brenda
February 20, 2008

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I know from nose picking that even if you know it is disgusting, your mind and your subconsious just wont communicate to do the right thing and not pick. You are not freak, you like to rest of us are not in control.
June 14, 2008
I don't do that, but it seems very unlikely that you would be the only one in the world who does it, I think there's plenty of them. It is good that you told about your picking. I am also very embarrassed of my behavior, I have told only one person about it. And it was worth it, it's seems much easier to stop now that the secret is revealed. Yes, the health risk is probably the most important reason why we should stop picking as soon as possible.
August 10, 2008
Still doing it- but getting less, as is scalp picking/scab picking thanks to a number of changes i've made - I've had cognitive behaviour therapy since January which has focused on building my self-esteem and lessesning feelings of anxiety/depression. I'm also back on my anti-depressent medication adn have changed jobs, leaving my particularly stressful work situations behind (hopefully!) I do notice that if I'm going through a low period my picking (both skin and poo) gets worse... But most of the time it's under control- I maybe only do it to extreme once every couple of weeks at the moment, but I want to stop doing it altogether! I'm going to try Hypnosis next, but am a bit scared to tell the hynotherapise what I do!!
August 22, 2008
I'm glad your feeling better and more in control! What is cognative/behavioral therapy? How does it work?
August 22, 2008
I'm glad your feeling better and more in control! What is cognative/behavioral therapy? How does it work?
August 28, 2008
I doubt you are the only person in the world or even within 200 miles that examines there rectum. I would guess that you have a phobia of a phobia of a phobia if that makes since... not that anything about ocd usually does make since. Is there any moment or feeling that you can remember that triggers this compulsion? Just like all compulsions there are usually many underline issues. When I hear that from people im like ok whatever nothing happened to me as a child, i was never abused.. yadayadayada but I realized that the my issues are the little things I worry about not necisarly huge tramatic events... I guesss it could go the other way into the freudian theory of the anal stage... who knows .. I do know if you write down all the thoughts and feelings you had before you did your ritual and than write down your rituals and the feelings you have after sometimes it will cause an ephany.looking back at something that we used instant gratification for sometimes helps us discover that we are only really looking for the symptoms, instead we should all look for the signs and triggers behind our destructive behavior. i am rambling sorry
August 29, 2008
I do this. I never thought of this as a phobia before until now. i always did it just to feel empty and clean. i have done it off and on since i was little. a lot of it had to do with the fact that i was conctipated and didnt want to spend a long time on the pot. I do know this much: I work at assisted living and have heard a few different patients with dementia say that they do this. Im not saying that only ppl with dementia do it, im saying that the fact that they have dementia allows them to admit they do it without beeing embarrassed. I think you are one of many. But i will say that you have really got me thinking. i never peiced this together with my skin-picking. i wonder if its a related compulsion. hmm.
November 07, 2009
i do this off and on, i know what you mean. it's mainly just when i'm on the toilet and i want it OUT... only now am i realizing that i'm not alone and many people have these disorders or whatever they are. thank you for sharing. :)
November 07, 2009

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It has never occurred to me in my life to try doing this and I am curious...does anyone think this behavior might have anything to do with being sexually abused there? And how do you do it? Just with your fingers, or with objects? Doesn't it hurt?
October 16, 2018

Omg I do this too. I also have IBS and one time I was constipated so I had no other choice because the poop was right there. I KNOW THIS IS SO DISGUSTING BUT TRUE. Don’t worry I wash my hands extremely well after because I also have OCD. Ever since that time I can’t leave the bathroom without knowing every bit of poop is gone and my butt is totally clean. I’m relieved that I found another person who does this because I feel like a freak...

November 17, 2018

I can't say that I have an issue with emptying my bowels the same way, however I do take my finger and put it inside my vaginain order to push it all out.. Just making sure everything is emptied out. I have IBS with constipation very badly, I'm 33 now and for as long as I can remember my mom said that I only use the bathroom maybe once every 5 days... One time, I went for about 4 or 5 weeks without using the bathroom once. This ended up leaving me with a fear and paranoia of going number 2... and I'm able to tell my body, "you don't have to do this..." and I can go weeks if I'm on vacation or in a situation where I'm not comfortable.

November 17, 2018

OMG.. mental note : remind me to preview posts from here on out.... the typos in that message are just insane

August 30, 2020

hey! i also do this. i do not eat my scabs, but i do pick at my anis while using the bathroom. you are not the only one. i often feel like a weirdo when i do it, and i don’t know how to stop.

July 19, 2021

I’ve been scalp picking since I was young. I didn’t start bum picking till I was about 10. It’s the fact that I can’t go a day without doing it that alarms me. I of course am very clean about it. It’s never caused me any trouble but I’ve always wondered why I felt compelled to do it. I feel the scalp picking is possibly nerves but the bum picking I’ve never understood why. I’m so glad this post is here. I’ve never actually been able to find anyone else’s story.

July 27, 2021

Hi, so this may or may not help you but there’s an actual medical practice called manual evacuation (or digital evacuation) that is used by people who have physical reasons why they can’t poo. Usually used by people with spinal paralysis or other medical conditions which mean their rectum and anal muscles don’t work properly, it involves using fingers to pull poo out. It’s taught carefully by continence nurses or bowel doctors so the patient can do it themselves at home. I was taught because of a bowel disorder and spinal condition which meant I have severe chronic constipation from bowel failure and cannot empty my bowel normally due to paralysis of the muscles. The nurse taught me how to place my fingers inside enough to move the poo out whilst also pushing with my bum muscles (basically pushing to poo but with fingers helping to move the stool along and out). This would empty my rectum of poo that would otherwise stay there. It’s important to use disposable gloves when doing it and also some lube on your fingers helps to reduce risk of tearing inside your bum which can be dangerous. Using gloves is essential as bacteria can get into skin, nails etc even with good hand washing. The bacteria can then get into your mouth when eating or drinking causing terrible infections, as well as other places in the body. It’s essential you do not use an object inside to try to do this either. The practice helps the poo to come out easily if you are constipated or having trouble getting all of the poo out. It is a medical practice used my millions of people who cannot go to the toilet normally. it’s not a disgusting habit at all and nothing to be ashamed about. What is more important is understanding why you are doing it. If it is because you feel you aren;t emptying fully when you go to the toilet it’s important to see your doctor as this could be caused by various conditions many of which can be treated. If it’s an issue with the muscles there are treatments like biofeedback which can help strengthen them. If you are needing to do this because you don’t feel empty then treating that and getting you feeling emptied may help you. If it’s something that can’t be improved then it’s important you learn how to manually evacuate correctly and safely. This can be taught by a bowel or continence nurse or doctor. Like nose picking society has turned toilet talk into a taboo and many people suffer because they are embarrassed or worried they are doing something abnormal. But what you are doing sounds like a normal behaviour which many people have to do for medical reasons. But please talk to your doctor. Doing this secretly without medical guidance or worse, if you don’t need to, can be dangerous as it’s possible to rupture your bowel or even your vagina doing it incorrectly. It could also stretch and weaken the muscles. I hope this information helps you. Please talk to your doctor about your difficulty emptying naturally and see if there’s better treatment for you which could help you to reduce the habit of this if it’s not needed.

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