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srb4858 , 25 Aug 2009

I need help

I can't stop... I don't even have to be in a mirror, I can't stop scratching, picking, to the point i am bleeding even in my own classroom, I don't even realize I am doing it. The worst part is I never realize how long I'm picking, I found myself for hours one night just trying to find anything, my arms, legs, chest, face and scalp are covered in brown spots, white spots and scars from picking. I WANT TO STOP more than anything, but it is easier said then done. I don't know what to do or who to turn to, my friends and family don't understand why I do what I do. I hate my body, I hate my skin, I am never happy with myself and I don't know why. I'm very athletic, and get along with everyone. I just want to stop... Please help.
3 Answers
August 26, 2009
Check out the forum on the 'CD Project'. There may be free help out there but with cameras. Anyone suffereing can do this to help others. This will open so many doors! Good luck!
August 27, 2009
The whole thing about it is that it's subconscious. I clipped my nails as short as possible. When I go to pick, I don't have a nail to do it with. That odd sensation brings it into my consciousness and i go "no". Also I wear a beanie in the evenings so that my forehead is covered. Tommorrow I am buying surgical gloves (the equivalent of a kiddie needing mittens not to scratch pox) if anyone asks, I am doing a hand softening treatment. The biggest problem is that YOU DON'Y ACTUALLY REALISE THAT YOU'RE DOING IT. Finding ways to make yourself aware is the key. 2 days after stopping I looked in the mirror + felt presentable. I still had old picks, but from leaving them alone, they started healing quicksticks. I actually thought i looked pretty for once instead of having something to hide.
August 27, 2009
however, it's a self esteem issue at heart. The fact that you have identified it acknowledges your underlying problem. Self esteem, doesn't matter who took it from you but it's gone. I reckon face picking is a way of letting the worlk know that. On a subconscious level. Being a face picker though, and seeing it in others, I've not made assumptions or judgements. but thats just me. Step 1 cut ur nails.

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