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August 29, 2009

Hi, I work in the medical field too. I no longer have patient contact but when I did, I was terrified of contracting an infection. I rubbed alcohol wipes on my picked-at scalp and then bacitracin ( a coworker once saw me rubbing an alcohol wipe on my head and cried out, "Are you crazy?!!" I guess she was right!) But as scary as the thoghts of infection were, I still picked. I quit drinking and smoking three years ago and I feel that picking is an even harder behavior to stop.

September 08, 2009

I am also new..never REALLY admited my "problem" to anyone, tho I pick almost it is reather hard to hide. i have other health conditions as well, so i use that as an excuse. Your post encouraged me to write, as i have been spending the better part of the day trompsing from the bathroom to the computer, trying to figure out how the hell I am going to STOP this madness!!! I have recently graduated as an RN. I have found that the medical profession as a whole does not look favorably on its members having "conditions" of any I have been picking more and more as I get anxious about begining my new carrer...and the additional stress that you know we face as nurses (I have been wokring as an LPN temp for over a year). In anycase, I found solice in the fact that you are on this forum as a new nurse. I have decided to take somewhat of a sabatical, before I start try and get my overall health in order...this includes this obsession and compulsion that I hate to admit has had a very devistating effect on many aspects of my life. I wonder how I can best help others when I feel so messed up myself?! I hope that we both can get some help/advice here, and mabey offer eachother some support:) If we can get through nursing school...we should be able to beat this...LOL;)