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wiltedfame , 27 Aug 2009

Does anyone else binge pick, stop for a few days til you're mainly healed, and then do it all again?

I have that problem, and I don't know why! I get all excited that my skin is finally clearing up and then BAM I destroy it again. Whyyyyyyy?
3 Answers
melinda casey
August 27, 2009
I do the same thing, I get all super happy its clear finally, then see a little zit and destroy it untill its a big ass hole in my face, why do I do this too< I believe stress brings it on, and I know I am doing it when I am doing it, and others in life arnt to nice about it at times.... I want to stop, I get all happy with a clear face LIke I can conquer the world, then I fuck it up and feel like everyone is staring at the damage I have done, I have others like me at work they are the same way about maybe four of us with the awful skin, which at times looks good then bammmmmmmmm fucked up again,.. dunno how to stop, if we can stop for a few days then maybe when we get in the bathroom turn off the light.. melinda
August 29, 2009

In reply to by melinda casey

I do too. I slow down and even stop picking when I am occupied with something healthy: writing, reading, anything that won't allow my mind to wander off into its own anxiety filled world. But the picking ALWAYS returns; its a vicious cycle.
August 31, 2009

In reply to by kath

For the first time since I started picking, I had a week where I didn't pick. This weekend I was depressed and started up again, feeling even worse and worse as I picked. It's like feeding yourself hopelessness in that you know it'll never get better. Especially since I have Keratosis Pilaris. My options are disgusting bumps with crud inside them forever, or scars. Since it will never go away, I simply have both. It's like a circular despair.

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