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melinda casey , 27 Aug 2009

after pickin my face I have spent hours washing it over and over, trying to wash away my sin

I know I have been doing this since I was a kid, and have watched shows on how to stop, knowing what I am doing while I am doing it and still do it, so I would like some advice on some coping methods to keep myself and my evil fingers away from my face.... any advice on what to do , to stop it, what kind of things can I do to stoppppp myself.. it destroys me, I do it and get happy at all the shit that comes outta my face and then the next morning see the damage I have done and what kind of makeup will cover that, I have the tweezers and the needle, which I have thrown away after discovering this is something alot of us use.....................I am at my wits end, I destroy my face yet work in a industry based on looks, I need some coping methods, please some advice, I would much appreitate that . thank you, not loving myself in seattle melinda
1 Answer
August 28, 2009
Reading your comment is crazy... you said everything i feel and have been through.. ive been picking my face since i was a young child as well.. in the past year i have started picking across the top of my back... i cant stop... i use a needle and tweezers too, and i keep it a secret from my partner who i live with... i work in fashion and its so embarrassing when you dealing with people everyday and you know they are starring at your face... as the year has gone on, ive moved from picking at my forehead ( i had a fringe cut to try and hide it), and since then have moved on to the cheek just to the side of my nose, and now my chin... i jsut went on a binge then and have all these red holes in my face... i dont understand why i cant stop... this compulsion makes me so depressed, but the thing is im doing it to myself... i think of all the things i could achieve if i didnt have this problem... i dont know if i will ever be cured... has anyone else found a way to stop?

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