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hesteroonie , 27 Aug 2009

Day Three

I'm on day three of mindfulness. First two days went great. When I start to pick my cuticles or even rub the edges of my fingernails, I just stop. I'm trying to find a small notebook or even a number counter to "keep score." If I can do this for 90 days, I think I will have kicked the habit. I seem to be able to stay aware of what I'm doing. When I tried to stop chewing on my mouth a few years ago, this was not the case but one day, I just stopped. This was probably due to taking the right medication. Also, I'm being very careful to take extra medication if I feel anxious. Best wishes to all. Remember to treat yourself like a beloved friend!
4 Answers
August 27, 2009
Congrats on day 3. I am two weeks into trying to stop biting/eating my fingers. It (is) an challenge, indeed. I have picked but catch myself & stop. Although for some odd reason reading these forums make me feel the urge to pick. Guess it is in your face information. Anywho, good luck to you!
August 29, 2009

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Congratulations! It is so difficult. (I quit smoking and drinking three years ago, but this is even harder. I feel even more of a sense of shame about picking than I did about drinking) Good luck! k.
August 29, 2009

In reply to by kath

On day five. Last night I was on a conference call from my home office and started to pick. I stopped. The thing about this compulsion as opposed to drinking, drugs, cigarettes and food is that no matter where we go, there we are! I know about the shame thing, especially in business. One is supposed to look so calm and confident. What bull! I once had a boss who would walk around the office biting his nails. I felt so sorry for him. He eventually got canned by the Board of Directors and he was a really hardworking, intelligent person. He just didn't "project" that executive thing. And in recent years, we've gone back to that "blame the victim" syndrome, i.e., people saying we are all responsible for our actions. I wish some on those loud mouths had to grow up in my house with my parents. That's my rant for the day. Day five and pick free!

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