Finger Picking, and nail clippers

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August 30, 2009

Is there any you can move in with your GMA? Get out of the negative environment. Also, there is special funding for those without insurance who have serious medical issues as you do. Go down to your local welfare and human services office and sign up asap. With no current job you will qualify. I understand you completely. had a very shitty childhood and I was a hair puller at age 3 then from there a nail biter/cuticle picker. Am almost 40 with 3 kids 5 and under who tell me "Stop picking mommy". I don't want them influenced by this. Good luck to you. My email is if you want to write. Take care

September 01, 2009

I'm a cuticle picker. But I don't use fingernail clippers - I use my hands to pick off the skin. And I'll tear them down to the first knuckle as well. I bleed frequently and get infection and swelling from it as well. I try my best to keep my nails as short as possible so it's very difficult for me to pick right off the bat. And that helps. I really don't remember when mine started but I know I was in high school. I'm now 28 and still pick to this day. Matter of fact, two fingers are bleeding as I type this. I can't tell you how much I spend in bandaids to cover up my fingers to keep others from seeing them. I know it's a lot of money. There's a product Avon sells that I've been using for about a year now and it helps a great deal. It's their Lavender cuticle pen. It's basically a brush with cuticle oil and you brush it onto your fingers. This helps out a lot. The pen is about four dollar regular price. I usually buy them when they're on sale though. You're not alone. I get embarrassed when I go places and my fingers are all swollen, cracked, dry and scabbed over. I get sick of people asking me "what happend?" like I'm a freak or something. I have PCOS which is a disorder where my body produces a little bit too much testosterone for a female, but I'm also overweight which has a lot to do with it as well but I too have hormone issues. But hang in there, I've not been on this forum for very long but everybody is very supportive and you'll find out very quickly that we're all in the same boat together :) :)

February 11, 2021

I also can’t put the nail clippers down I am constantly cutting into the skin around my fingernails with nail clippers and just continuously cutting and peeling the skin my fingers are in constant pain, how do I stop.