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hesteroonie , 02 Sep 2009

Day 8

It's hard to believe that day 8 of not picking my cuticles and skin around my fingertips is almost over! Boy, am I compulsive! I've had to give up Breathsaver mints because I was going through about five packs a day. I've been quite busy; my partner has been laid up with a bad back. I have two business meetings tomorrow in downtown Cincinnati. Tomorrow night, we're having a small dinner party. Just a few good friends before we go away for five days. I just noticed I popped a corpuscle on my middle left knuckle. It's all blue but doesn't hurt or anything. I'm 64 so stuff like this happens at times. The luxury of living this long.... This forum has been such a great thing for me. Day after tomorrow, we have a pretty long drive to our friend's house on a nearby lake. It will be great to get there and not have several bandaids on each hand! Best wishes to all.

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