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Cristina55 , 02 Sep 2009

picking/biting on all fingers, needs help!

I have really bad problem of biting/picking at the skin around my nail. I do it all the time, most times I do it subconsciously then other times I know I'm doing it but I don't care cause I'm bored and can't help it. I'll be bleeding horribly on my fingers and still continue to pick at it. I do it to all of my fingers to I don't ever stop at just one or two. Its a disgusting habit I've acknowledge that but I don't know what to do for it. My friends and family always tell me to stop and I just get mad at them and continue to do it in private. My hands look horrible and I want to get a job in the food industry but I'm not going to be able to with these hands. So I have no clue what to do to stop.
3 Answers
September 03, 2009
I used to bite at my fingers (not just around the nailbed) but all over my fingers all the time. It would start off by being a bit itchy in one spot then a little white bump would appear and I would bite at it until it popped. Sometimes I could feel it pop in my mouth. I was so troubled by this so I went to see a dermatologist thinking that this could be something that I am allergic too. He told me that it was from stress. Now my fingers have little scars and excess skin on them, they're disgusting to me. After looking at them and digging deep down in my soul I knew that what I was doing was extremely damaging to myself and by biting them only added to the stress. I think you need to evaluate where you are right now. Not literally where you are but where you are in a metaphorical sense. Are you happy with your job? Family? Relationship(s)? Life? Is there something that may be causing you to be stressed, agitated, anxious or upset? If so, I strongly suggest sharing with your family and close friends about your problem and how much it's disturbing you and look into talking with a counselor. I was very resistant to talking to any counselor, but my anxiety disorder became so bad and I started developing terrible habits like skin picking I gave in. You need to find a counselor who treats you with respect and doesn't treat you like "just another file." I'm very happy with my counselor, he's helped me with my anxiety disorder and now, since this skin picking thing has become so new to me, he is helping me not ask myself "why" I do it, but "what" causes me to do it. Take this time to reflect and evaluate yourself. Find that inner strength to stop. It may seem impossible but it's not! I believe that you can do it :)
September 04, 2009
I use a product Avon sells to help with my cuticles. It's their Lavender Cuticle Pen. It really helps. I put it on my fingers before I go to sleep at night and it smells very nice. I still pick at my fingers but this cuts down on how much cuticle there is to pick by A LOT. It's about three dollars and works great. It won't completely cure the problem but it might at least ease some of the pain and physical appearance of your fingers. It helped mine. I also put bandaides on my fingers too. This actually stops me from picking at my fingers temporarily. Of course as soon as the bandage comes off, I'll start picking but at least it gives your fingers a chance to heal a little bit before you start up again. I've been doing this and using the cuticle pen for awhile. I keep the pen at my bedside on my nightstand along with a box of bandaides. My hands look horrible too. They're always scarred. My feet are the same way. I picked at my heels last night until they bled and now my heel is infected and scabbed over today. It's not a disgusting habit. It's no worse than any other habits that are out there so don't feel any less worthy of yourself than anybody else in this world. We're all beautiful and everybody has issues and habits they deal with. This forum is a greatplace to let out frustration and also help those who might otherwise feel like they're the only person in the world that does this to themselves. I'm glad you posted because I realize that I'm not alone either at which case sometimes I really feel like I am the only one. You'll see that there are so many friendly helpful people that will talk to you and give you encouragement on this website. Hang in there :)
September 10, 2009
I can relate 100%. I have been spreading the word through these forums for people who finger pick. For me personally I have kept my hands busy with koosh balls, stress balls, flat erasers and rubber bands around the wrist. Keep lotions handy in all locations. The time that we pick the most is sitting still. At the red light, watching a movie for an example are times we can't seem to fight the urge. So keeping your hands busy helps. Aversion therepy works! Find what works for you and good luck!

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