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unBrokenBeliever , 06 Sep 2009

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I never thought there was something wrong with me or that I had a problem. I've been picking my lips when they're dry for years, and I pick zits and the acne I get on my back and shoulders since a bit after I started getting them. I also pick at scabs sometimes, and I've been picking at my cuticles and ripping my nails the longest of all. None of these are really as drastic as I've read from others, but combined it seems like it really might be dermatillomania. I've got a pretty strong will, so I am able to keep myself from ripping at my fingernails most of the time and I've gotten better at not picking my zits since my skin has started to clear up. I still pick at my lips a bunch, but in an effort to stop I use lip balm as an alternative. Every time I feel like I want to pick, I just pop the cap off of my lip balm and apply it so my lips feel smooth. I also bite the inside of my lips and cheeks, mostly when I'm engrossed in a difficult or mentally engaging activity like tests or a heavy read. I'm just glad to know I'm not alone while at the same time I want to cry because it seems like I have a problem.
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