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sweinberg , 09 Sep 2009

Head picking

My daughter has been picking her head for almost 2 years. She saw a therapist and he suggested taking stimulants. She tried ADD medicine but it did not work. She just went to college and is picking just as much. Is there any medicine to try to help her?
3 Answers
September 10, 2009
I use to dig at my scalp just to make scabs so I could pull them out. I loved how it felt to pull the scab through my hair. I did this for years and just stopped one day. Unsure why or even the day but I did try a medicated shampoo to help heal the scalp in general. Sorry I am not a big help but can relate.
September 16, 2009
to be honest I think that might have been when I started doing that as well...I just graduated in May..almost 4 years later at a 2 year school lol. I can totally relate with the other poster on here. that joy of feeling ...maybe it felt like an accomplishment and everything else felt like it was failing around you?...I would just check in on her every once in a while. Make sure she is at least optimistic & is doing okay. That's really all you can hope for because I didn't tell my mom until this year (i am almost 23 and never told a soul until I think I had an anixety attack b/c I thought the girl next to me realized what I was doing)......pick pick pick..I know its bad but i can't help it. i hope that helped some..
September 16, 2009
I pick at my scalp because I have psoriasis. Does your daughter have this condition? My skin falls off of my head in chunks and is especially bad in the summer/spring when the humidity is at peak levels.

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