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LilQuietOne44 , 16 Sep 2009

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Hey everyone. My name is Lee. I'm 24, and I actually went to a dermatologist a couple of years ago for a rash that appeared near my bellybutton. Turns out, I had a nickel allergy (very common I found out....and it was due to the nickel in my jeans button that alwasy rested and rubbed against my skin there, imagine that) I never even knew it existed. While I was there, the dermatologist examined me, gave me a thorough look because my mom/sister had been to her, and she had found cancerous moles and whatnots on their skin so she wanted to check me before I left. It took a lot of guts to go in there anyways. She had me take off my gown and lay face down, adn that's when she notoiced my acne and skin wasn't bad like it is now, or maybe it was just like it is now. Who knows........... Then we talked about how I picked at it. She recommended I see someone with internal medicine ( i think) in dealing with stress/anxiety and dealing with it while I was there, so I wouldn't have to wiat to make another appt. with another doctor. She worked her magic and in walked whoever it was. We talked about maybe taking pills but I wanted to avoid doing that, so we talked abotu exercising, meditation, little things. I todl her I'd work on it. It's been years.........I use the wash she recommended (Panoxyl Body Wash - found near all the acne cleansers in most stores I've seen, mostly drug stores but pricey but it's worked in the past) but I feel like I've become immune to it maybe? haha But anyways, then I search online for other acne magic cleansers and I found forums on Head & SHoulders shampoo with the pyrithione zinc in it, and I'm not sure if it owrked but I used it once. Anyone have any suggestions for acne cleansers and if you've used any of these I've mentioned above? Thanks. I've gotten doctors reocmmended to me regarding this conditoin. We'll see if I have the guts to meet up with them or talk to them. I'm trying though.

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