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mblaloc , 24 Sep 2009

Amazing product I found for post-picking

Okay so I am a face picker. I have been picking for about 6 years now. My picking comes in cycles. I will do it ALOT for a few weeks and then not at all. When I am picking, it seems like I will stop long enough to let my face almost clear up and then I have to pick - I just cant stop myself. It ends up as a cycle of ruined complexion. I have tried just about everything to help my skin look better post-pick. I finally found something that helps clear up my scabs and makes my makeup go on smoother - its dermarest psoriasis medicated skin treatment. Its a gel and i just put it on my face (its gonna burn but the burning becomes less and less the more the skin heals) and let it dry. Then I put on a thin layer of vaseline - if I'm going to bed - or moisturizer if I am going to put on makeup. This seems to help soften my scabs and make things easier to manage alot faster. Maybe it just works for me - hopefully it will work for you.

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