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jdmerck , 26 Sep 2009

Pointer fingers in PAIN

Wow i did not know there was a name for this.. I am 33 and i have been a nail biter for YEARS, now i have moved to my skin around my finger and i pulled the skin and it HURT then i bit and bit now on both pointer fingers i have a HUGE cut that everytime it closes i whack my finger on something and it burst back open the skin all over my finger is dry, cracked and nasty this is pretty much my 2 thumbs and both pointers, so typing is HARD, texting is difficult but i dont know what to do, i tried to stop putting my finger in my mouth cause of the pain im not chewing on the ones that are in serious pain, i need to know how to get my fingers back where i have smooth skin, no cracks, a huge deep cut that is constantly opening back up...can anyone help??? i tried peroxide, alcohol, finger cots, neosporin im lost

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