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paula_2010 , 04 Oct 2009

What is there but this?

I think a big reason I can't seem to stop is because a huge part of me doesn't want to. Or is scared. It's like, I've been doing this for so long I don't know what my life would be without it. What would I do to release the pressure? Right now it seems so impossible to NOT do it. I don't know where to go from here. My cousin is getting married this weekend and I'm wearing a dress. Everyone expects me to wear the dress. But there are scars. Anyone know of a good concealer to cover them up?
2 Answers
October 05, 2009
when i wear a dress, i wear black leggins. which are very fashionable right now anyway with a dress. but if black is no good being for a wedding, How about wearing a couple of layers of skin tone tights?? one pair doesnt seem to work for me. so i wear 2 layers
October 05, 2009

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Thanks for the tip. Yeah, my dress is dark so actually black tights or leggings would look cute with it. But I think it'd be too dark for a wedding. Skin tone tights or even nylons with a good concealer might work well...I don't know. I'm really trying not to pick leading up to the wedding but it isn't going very well. I don't even know what my skin looks like clean and smooth. I'd kind of like to find out someday.

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