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paula_2010 , 07 Oct 2009

Something that can help a bit...

Everyone says "do something else with your hands." Right, sure. I have trouble finding something that works. But I may have found a pretty good one. The health center on my campus gives out stress balls. And I've tried stress balls before and they didn't work. So hear me out you anti-stress ball peoples! :) This is a homemade stress ball. It is made out of two balloons (make sure they're pretty strong...none of those cheepo flimsy ones). One is inside the other so it's a double layer. And fill it with sand. Don't go too full. Though I guess you can fill to your preference. Mine is filled so it's a little smaller than a fist. It's really moldable--I like that. Anyway, it works pretty well. Just watch out that you don't get sand everywhere!
2 Answers
October 08, 2009
That's a really good idea!! I've tried regular stress balls, but they are so hard and so slick that I don't like them. Things with texture are better-like the sand. That's a perfect idea!!!! Thank you so much!!!
October 09, 2009

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Glad to be of service :-) Thank my university's health center--they make a million of them and hand them out. Koosh balls work well, too. My counselor has one and I play with every session the whole time I'm there.

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