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HannaRose , 08 Oct 2009

Covering Scars&Scabs

Hey! Possibly the most longlasting effect of our picking and associated problems is the scars that are left behind. The fact that I have very sensitive, very pale skin doesn't help. And oh yeah, I scar VERY easily. Couple this with the fact that I have had dermotillomania for my entire life, I don't have the barest skin. I have LOTS of scars. I have raised white scars from my bad days, when I was really struggling with my self injury addiction. I have red and pink scars that look like spots. I have scars of every imaginable color and texture. All over my body. The more I pick, the more scars I get. And the fact that one of my worst picking areas is my face doesn't help either. Did I mention that I'm a teenager in highschool? Yeah, it's that bad. Every day that I leave the house, I have to do an elaborate and time consuming process of using concealer to TRY and cover my wounds and scars, but it's not very effective and I get tons of questions and comments from people. Does anybody have any tips or tricks for covering their scars and scabs?
2 Answers
October 09, 2009
I Have new and old ance scars that were picked and picked... I'm 25. I don't know how old you are but you have to realize that older skin takes longer to heal. "keromask" is a concealer that helps me not to pick because it covers pretty good (not perfect) but I feel I can go out in public and the scars just look like sun spots like every one elses face. I go tanning too.. once a week and its helps keep pimples away and even though it makes scars seem darker i can wear a darker foundation makeup/keromask concealer that helps me feel prettier and therefor I seem to pick less.. the more beautiful I feel. Also The better i look the more I feel like taking good care of my skin.. like i have something that is worth keeping healthy and clean. Keromask is expensive but.. they give you 10$ trials so you can try it first.. also i use it alone with no other makeup which helps me avoid more breakouts.. you can't cover scabs.. so don't bother covering those..but you may find that you pick less!! for ten dollars give it try.. www. beauty cafe. com.
October 22, 2009
Mychelle "Clear Skin Serum" (organic/natural) has helped me to avoid a lot of new scarring, and has helped with my existing scars, too. It's one of the few products that seems to really help my skin and not make my acne worse (even after I've picked at it). I've been using it for several years, and it has helped me more than any other product. It's kind of expensive, but for me it's been worth it. I also find that foundation breaks me out terribly, so I don't use it. I moisturize with pure aloe gel mixed with a gel bronzer, and then spot-cover my blemishes. I use a liquid concealer (Maybelline True Illusion is my favorite) and then a stick concealer to cover the rest of whatever the liquid doesn't (Maybelline Pure.Concealer is the BEST!). Then I use an oil-free pressed powder to "set" the concealers - dab it onto the covered blemishes with the powder puff and then blend with a kabuki brush. I wish I didn't have acne and didn't pick... but until either or both of these things change, THANK GOD for good cosmetics! (I also wish we didn't live in such a shallow, appearance-obsessed culture, but that's not likely to change anytime soon either...). Good luck!

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