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wakingup , 19 Oct 2009

Started therapy sessions

Hi all, I posted here a while a go and I was so glad to find this place. Encouraged me to go to the doctors knowing I wasn't the only one in this situation. Basically I started therapy sessions with a cognitive behavioural specialist however although she's taught me quite a bit and giving me suggestions on what to do, this week I've been terrible!!!! My goodness, my spots are really sore right now, I have eczema all over my eyes and neck and chest and last night my itching was so bad I was up till 4am. It felt like someone had poured itching powder in my bed, I hate it hate it hate it. My chest looks horribly red and sore now which makes me feel very shy in front of my boyfriend because I know he'll be able to tell I've been scratching again. My therapist said she'd never encountered it before and infact she was being supervised over my case. It was a learning curve for her and me. Didn't fill me with great confidence. However she is a really lovely women and we have a chat but she suggests I get a stress ball to distract my hands from picking when I'm bored although I haven't got one yet. She also suggested I try not to feel my face because I said when I feel it that's when I need to pick when I feel a sore bump / spot. I'm going to the shops tonight to pick up some sensitive skin clothes washing liquid because I can't spend another restless night and maybe it could be the washing powder. I've been scratching so much I'm coming up in bruises now :-( My boyfriend has bought me a book on Amazon about eczema and ways to stop scratching but I haven't got it yet fingers crossed it might help!

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