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butterflylost , 20 Oct 2009

Hi, New here, A huge thank you!

Hi, Thank god i found this site is all i can say, My name is rachael and i am 26 years old from the uk and I have 3 young children. Up untill today i beleived i was the only other person in the world to suffer from this, Ok listen, Im sorry but i do not realy know what to say exept a huge thank you, I have become so isolated and have got to the point where i will not leave the house, (i have some very severe leisions on my face hands neck, as well as all other "invisible" By reading your posts today (only managed a few btw) this forum seems a open friendly place to get support and contact other people Who have this compulsion, Ok firstly i will make it clear, I do not have a skin picking diagnosis i have a BPD diagnosis, however i now beleive this diagnosis may be wrong as BPD is LIFE-long condition usually requiring a lifetime of antipsycotic med's, I have been off all meds for 3 and a half years and no relapses in my condition, only thing remains is the skin picking, My body image has become that i will no longer sleep in bed with my husband or allow him to see me naked, (he is totally understanding and was aware of what i did but never talks about it unless its to demand, "stop picking" while im watching t.v, which i do appreaciate as it makes me stop but then maes me more self consious because he saw me do it, I Will not go into detail here, just to say i have been doing this since i can remember ane had there are photos of me aged 3-4 with lesions on my face and hands, I had an extremly traumatic childhood, My life has begun to improve, everything getting better, i have wonderfull husband wonderfull kids, not a bad house, But the skin picking remains and i am very scared this will cost me my relationship, the more i pick the more i withdraw from my husband. Anyway, I am so sorry this is way longer than i had planned i just wanted to introduce myself, i have never talked to anyone about this, even though all through my previous visits with numerous, social workers and doctors as a child, and then as adult, with hospital admissions for my bpd and at those times they were so bad,they have to have noticed them, and the thousands of severe scars all over my body, but no one has thought to talk to me about it. Sorry for any spelling mistakes, im not re-reading this, Was gonna close this new message window and thought, what the heck i typed it what have i got to lose, Rach ButterflyLost
3 Answers
October 21, 2009
Im sorry to read about how hard its become for you. Im having trouble quitting, im good for a little while then boom i'll start again without even realising! If you feel your ready to take the plunge and try to give it up, i heavily recommend researching methods. it involves lots, like medical help, councelling, preparing your health for better skin (drinking lots of water, fruit n veg etc) and exfoliate heavily etc etc before you even decide to quit! My skins always worse in winter, i couldn't imagine living in a cold country! Maybe you should move to australia :) we'll i wish you the best, for you and your marriage!
October 23, 2009
Hi there, How nice to know there is someone with this skin picking problem from the UK. I was beginning to think I was the only skin picker in UK!!!!!! I am soon to meet a man I have been texting/phoning for a while and hope it will lead to a lasting relationship but am worried about his reaction about the state of my arms as i have picked my skin from as long as i can remember. I hope he is a very understanding person because i think anyone close who understands helps our problem alot more. My parents don't understand and just say its all in my head and that makes me sooooo upset and makes me want to pick more, Be great to chat more so we can share this horrible, depressing disorder.

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