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heleng , 22 Oct 2009


Has anybody been on Roaccutane? I want to try it but pretty scared of the side effects, got to have a blood test to see if I can take it first, any opinions would help me make my mind up. Thanks.
2 Answers
April 20, 2010
Hey there... I went on roaccutane from dec 09 to fab 2010. It did help, alot, with clearing up blemishes and all the acne was gone. It was really good, however, it did make my eyes really red and my lips raw for the majority of the time. I also found I had far more headaches and felt generally out of it. My confidence went up massively but I still dont know if it was worth it. I came off of it because I just didnt feel right about it anymore and wanted to feel back to 100%. The acne and blemishes are back. The roaccutane does not get to the real issue of skin picking. and thats what im dealing with now. :) so go for it if you want to clear you skin up but beware of the side affects and the fact that when you come off of it, its most likely, if skin picking is undealt with that it will reoccur. :) goodluck
April 20, 2010
there definitely is a time and place for the use of medications to deal with skin conditions and when appropriate, they should be used. my son had severe teenage acne and despite the risks and severity of the treatment i allowed him to receive the treatment he felt necessary. he was not a picker and never became one. at 21 now, his skin looks great and i believe the accutane (same treatment but older) really helped but again, he is not a picker. i had two courses of it myself and i still picked at anything and everything afterwards so i never got the intended benefit from it. i agree with the previously stated that unless the picking is addressed, very little treatment of any kind will help. i looked for that magic bullet myself for too long. stopping the active finger picking/squeezing/scratching and tool use is the ultimate answer to better skin. i'll know better if i have a major breakout, but stopping picking for 55 days has me with better skin than i've had for 25 years.

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