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hottsoup123 , 22 Oct 2009


so i find it odd that i can spill out in this forum the things i never tell anyone..but i cant tell anyone in person. i keep thinking that i really want therapy so that i can figure out why i pick. also, i have thoughts i cant control that sound borderline suicidal, even though im not suicidal. i just dont want it to progress (if that makes sense). and there are definately some things i need to cope with. i keep trying to hint it to my mom. but i have no clue how to tell her that i want therapy. any ideas?
3 Answers
October 23, 2009
Trust me on this...your Mom would rather see you in therapy than depressed or self-injuring. I also know how hard it is to tell someone in person about your problem. I was 28 years old before I breathed a word about my picking problem to anyone, and from there it has gotten sooo much easier! Good luck and keep us updated!
Concerned Mom
October 26, 2009
Please tell your mom. My daugher picks...I worry about her much! She needed my support and she has done better! We (mothers) want nothing more than to know what is going on with our children and we want to be a part of the good and the not so good...we are here to love and keep you healthy. Talk to your mom sometime when it is just you and her..Tell her it is important and it is hard for you to talk to her about. Tell her not to be scared, but you have been having not so healthy feelings (suicidal). Tell her you want to help this problem before it gets worse. Ask her for support and ask her to help you find someone to talk to. Be truthful and be direct. If talking to your mom is too hard for you. Write it down. Then, sit down with your mom while she reads this letter. Sometimes, the words are just too much for us! It is brave and responsible of you to want help and even braver to get it! Be strong. If your mom can't help...ask a well-known trusted adult that you know. Good Luck!

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