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daddaughtergra… , 03 Nov 2009

new to site sick of disorder daughter is following down my path

Just found this site today. I'm in my 40s and have been a picker since at least my mid teens. I have been unhappy about my disorder but haven't been able to focus in on this particular area of my life. Now my daughter is 12 and has started picking. I have not been able to do something for myself, but since my daughter is afflicted, it is time to get serious NOW!!!!! This is definitely a family trait. My father was a picker too. I have scarring and also dress accordingly or apply makeup to hide my problem. I have thought about my picking issues extensively. I have a scientific pharmacy education background. It has helped me understand some of my issues, but I am still very far from solving my picking issues. I'm on the right road, but I need a boost and more information. I truely believe that all pickers have some similiar characteristics, but at the same time I think that every picker is very unique and will have to just "trial and error" until they get the right formula... I do not think picking can be cured, but I do think it can be controlled. Pray for me and my prayers go to you also. I need all the help I can get.
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November 04, 2009
I am doing. So far I am doing it on my own with no counseling or drugs. Just pure mental work and change of my behavior and the way I think about myself and people around me. I read a few self help books and also on line 2 books to stop picking. You can go to and read a free book there. It is a good book. There is another online help book on It costs around 40$ (I do not remember exactly). They both helped me. The key is to tell yourself that this is it, I have to stop. You can do it and your daughter can do it. Believe in your heart, your gut with all your inside that you can do it, you can overcome it. Even if you fail it is not a big deal you will start again and do it all over again. Take it hour by hour, day by day. Analyze why you pick? Because if you stop picking you will be forced to face the reality. Maybe you need to learn new positive habit to deal with fear, anger, anxiety? Maybe you will need to accept yourself just the way you are? And by the way you are already beautiful and your daughter as well just the way you are! It helped me a lot to stop picking when I told my husband that I am a pickier. Also I no longer use the makeup and I pull all my hair in the bun and just face the world with my face and my skin just the way it is. I feel free that I do not need to hide anymore. This brought me a lot of self-confidence. I also think you should start talking to your daughter and explain to her your life and experience. Also try to listen to her, understand what is she going through without any criticism. Please let me know if you want to know all the details of what I am doing every day to stay pick free. Cheers.

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