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Quazza , 04 Nov 2009

I think I may be a total Freak =/

Hey anyone who is nice enough to read this I used to pick at the skin on my feet...till it hurt it was really gross but sometimes i may not have even realised i was doing it...i think it was the anxiety but lately i dont do it although i still pick at my face a little i pick at my kitty's claws..the flakey bits on the sides..i love my cat to bits and i guess it started when her claws needed trimming and when i trimmed them (which doesnt hurt her) i picked the pieces so gross i know..but now i have this urge or maybe just a habit to do it all the time when im holding her or when she is sleeping ill do it.. :( sometimes i pick it till it bleeds the tiniest bit and then i stop and feel terrible..even now i cant believe im telling this.. i think i really am the only person who does this... :(
2 Answers
November 04, 2009
Hi, Please you are not a freak. That is why this website is for. You just yourself and you share your thoughts to help perhaps to understand yourself, to get understanding and support from other people like you and me with no criticism. We just need to be ourselves and feel that we are ok, we trying to manage and we strive to understand why we do this. So please feel welcome and you are a very nice person just the way you are, a very beautiful person. I am a recovering picker. I picked for 18 years. I picked on everything on my body, everything I could find. Once I start picking I cannot stop, I just want to pick for ever. So many times I could not even go out for days. By the way my grandma used to have cats back in Ukraine. When I was visiting her I loved to take a cat on my lap and search for cat’s flees and kill them with my nails. I loved also smashing flee eggs between my thumbs ‘nails. I used to do that for hours. I also remember I used to pick my first boyfriends face. One day it struck me, we had only that in common. I was just glad to see him so I can start picking on his face. Gross. He told me once that I can be beautiful if I only stop picking my face. Anyway that was more than 10 years ago. And only now I start managing this habit. I thought I am a freak too for many years. But now I changed the view on myself. I just accept myself the way I am. And I am dealing with the situations and issues. I use positive thinking. First just believe in yourself, in you beautiful self. You are a miracle in this world created by God! All people are! Let me know if you want to hear how I manage my picking urge at the moment. Cheers
November 05, 2009
thank you for your positive words..its good to know that someone can always empathize will everyone here on this forum and you are right thats what its all about

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