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picking and eating skin from feet and fingers... what is this?


August 31, 2018

Hi umm I’m so glad this isn’t just me. I’m so freaked out by this like is it a form of self harm? I’m so scared like I’ve always been one to pop my pimples and pick at my skin and as a child would eat the skin around my nails and toes. I then graduated to using nail scissors and I cut off the dead skin on my heel, big toe, and area underneath my pinky toe. I’m trying to stop I don’t know why I do this it gets bad sometimes like it hurts to walk but I’ve done it for so long

September 26, 2018

Hello everyone, I am a male aged 18, a senior in high school. I have been picking and eating the skin on my fingers for probably the last 2½ - 3 years? I'm not sure exactly but I REALLY would like to stop. Nobody knows about it, my friends and family always ask me "what's wrong with your fingers?" And I just say that I scraped it or make up some other dumb excuse. I have tried so many different things in the past years to try to stop this disgusting habit and I think I may have finally found something that works for me. Recently I have started to learn guitar, so now if I'm at home and get the sudden urge to pick, I pick up my guitar and strum away until the urge is gone! I understand this might not work for everyone but I have tried many different things to get myself to stop so I think everyone can stop themselves in different ways. I encourage anyone else to consider learning to play any instrument really. You will learn to play an instrument and get rid of your habits simultaneously! I've been reading posts on this site for the past year or so and it's really helped me so I hope I can help you all as much as you've helped me. :)

February 13, 2019

hi. i would like to keep my name hidden out of shame. but i’m 21. i have severe eczema on my hands and feet for as long as i can remember. so even without picking and eating, i’m in pain. i was bullied a lot about how ugly my hands were. my hands have thankfully cleared up, but they get bad in the winter. this winter my hands and feet have become horrible. since i have eczema i have plenty of dead skin to pick and eat. i don’t remember when i started. i’ll rip the skin off my feet so bad that’s i rip new skin. i’ve picked until both of my heels are raw and bloody. i’ll begin to eat the smaller pieces. since is hasn’t been this bad since i was about 14 it hasn’t really limited my life that badly. my feet are ugly year round so swimming, sandles, and anything like that is a no go. i’ve gotten back in the habit of ripping the skin off my feet. so badly i have to wrap them bc the cracks are so deep. i’m so ashamed of picking and eating. my mom thinks is disgusting so i really have no one to talk about it. i struggle with depression and anxiety as well. i’ve also had a drug addiction, but i won’t go into that since there are younger people on this site. bottom line is that i have an addictive personality. picking and eating is just normal to me. it’s apart of me. it’s what i do. i just fount this site and when i began reading i started to tear up. i never thought there were people like me. it’s comforting. it has also made me want to get help. i don’t feel comfortable telling any of my current doctors. i have body focused repetitive behaviors (BFRB). look it up. it might shed some light on some of our problems. thanks for letting me share. i just truly think i’ll be doing this forever.

May 30, 2020

hi i am 16 years old i don’t really know when this problem happened to me. but i know it was elementary school. it first started when i saw my dad biting his nails, picking his nose and eating it, even trimming his toenails and eating it. i decided to try it one time and now i can’t stop. i bite my nails trim my toenails and eat it, bite the skin off the side of my nail beds, and i even peel the skin off of my feet and eat it, i sometimes cut some off, i also pick my acne and eat it and my “dandruff” and scabs. i can’t stop. it’s addicting. i don’t feel depressed or anything, it’s just impulsive. my nails are always short and my friend and i always y’all about how i can’t grow them because i eat them because her nails are long. when i grow them a little above my finger tips it’s like and accomplishment but i bite them off soon after or i just bite them and leave them there with the sensation of biting. i also eat the insides of my cheeks and my lip skin. i guess this is more severe then i thought.

September 17, 2020

Hi my name is Rj and im 13 almost 14 and I have a problem. I pick my skin and I hate it because I walk around on my feet barefoot sometimes and with Covid-19 right now i am scared that im gonna get a virus because of my skin eating problems. What should I do?

December 26, 2020

I have found no man's land beef jerky helps with my bitting habbits

April 29, 2021

I alwys bite the skin of my fingers. Even if it’s throbbing and bloody, if I see the slightest bit of skin sticking out I will chew it off. My thumbs looks the worst. I’m constantly hiding them in school. I’m 13 and this habit appeared this I was around 4-5, I remember the exact time I started. It was right after watching This movie where this girl would eat her skin when there is nothing to eat and she ended up killing her friend. I kept thinking about it and was disgusted, but I found myself getting nervous and started eating the skin around my fingers. I don’t really know why that day was the day I started. I alwys chew and when people notice I get so insecure about them. I try to force myself to stop, but I just can’t it calms me down. My parents are alwys taking about them and saying how bad it is. There would be days where I stoped chewing them for weeks and then fall right back in once I think about it. I always wash my hands every five seconds because when I finish chewing and I look at my fingers, I would feel dirty.