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picks9876 , 08 Nov 2009

Learning to Crochet...

I got this idea from a book I read awhile ago. I'm not even sure what book it was, but one of the main characters would knit because otherwise she was all over the place and couldn't keep her hands still. I figure it's a lot like picking; I can't keep my hands still and most of the time I don't realize how much I pick. I want to learn to crochet (I know more people who can do that that can help.) so throughout the day when I'm not working on something else my hands can be busy. Has anyone else tried a method like this?
1 Answer
November 09, 2009
well, i craft a lot, and i do think it helps. crocheting keeps your hands busy.. so you can't pick =) if you want to get a headstart, here is a youtube channel that has a ton of great how to crochet videos

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