How I found my way to quit picking.

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November 11, 2009

Ang123 i want to thank you so much for writing and posting your expierence for all of us to read.. reading this made me relate so much to your story. Your words of encouragement and self love brought tears to my eyes. i am so glad to have found your story and to have read it, i think god brought me here... I am healing now.. and i too am discovering what life has to offer... it is beautiful.. something i had failed to see in the past but something that now shines bright before me! Thank You Thank You! so much! may God bless you!

November 12, 2009

Hi, I am so happy you found your way out of this habit. God bless you! As more days go on and I am not picking I learn to live a new life. Now I have sometimes dreams that I pick on my face. The urge is still there but somehow I know I am through and I just have to keep going and learning my new life. I am not sure if I mentioned they key thing with any self work you should be careful by not to overdo the stuff, like not too much exercise, not too much yoga, not too much relaxation/meditation. Just very little by little. So your body and your mind slowly naturally adjust to new things. New habits, new ways to live have to be pleasurable. I found if I do a bit less of drawing every day, I want to do it more and more. I wake up and I think that I want to draw. When I do too much, I cannot go back for a few days. As with me, I know it will take me many years to change the way I think and look at the world. I recently read a sentence on the bottle for water which was in the window of a shop (I do lots of window shopping now, you never know what you can learn): "Do one scary thing per day". I like it. I have lots of fears yet to overcome and explore. So I figured if I just do one scary thing per day, or maybe one scary thing per week, I can become more confident in my new world. I am like a little child learning to walk. But I know that I have my power of imagination, I know that I have my emotions which I can use to imagine myself getting stronger. I guess find your assets. Our body is equipped with absolutely everything we need to be happy and to survive. You just have to give it a shot to cure itself. Be positive, believe in yourself and love yourself. And do not underestimate the power of imagination. We all are so beautiful.