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kcantwell , 09 Nov 2009

Possible cure

Some time ago I posted the following. I am posting it again now in hopes that others joining this forum since then can benefit from the suggested cure. If you require or desire any additional information of explanation, I will be happy to supply it. I am an individual, not connected with any academic or commercial organization. OK Let me get in on this. I was a finger picker for over thirty years until I found the way to quit, quite serendipitiously. I now want to tell others about the method. It has been tried by many and worked for most but not for all. It costs nothing but a little time. I would appreciate it if those who try the system e-mail me about their experience with it, either positive or negative. I will answer any questions you may have and try to explain why the system works. I will also tell you about others who have succeeded, without revealing identities. Here it is. It is a mental exercise. Choose a simple sentence to repeat aloud over and over. We will call it a mantra. I use "I know what I'm doing," but any short sentence will do. Choose some reading material, not too demanding - magazine articles or children's stories will do nicely. While you are voicing your mantra, try to read your reading material at the same time. It will be frustrating at first. You will see words you know but somehow they do not seem to register their meaning. That is because you are blocking off the neural pathways to cognizance by talking at the same time you are trying to read. Read your selection several times if necessary until the meaning does register. When it does, and generally very quickly, you will have established new or broadened pathways to congizance. It is this phenomena that stops the compulsion to pick. The mental exercise does not bolster your will to quit - it eliminates the compulsion as though it never existed. Now beware, as you are performing the mental exercise there is a strong temptation to stop the voicing of the mantra so that you can understand what you are reading. DO NOT YIELD TO THIS TEMPTATION. Read your selection several times if necessary until the meaning does register but do not stop the mantra. AS I mentioned above, please e-mail me if you will try I have nothing to sell and your identity is confidential. We can talk about many things.
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November 13, 2009
Hello all, I will try your mantra strategy for sure I will let you know. How many times do you recommend that I do this. I am shocked to know that I have a skin picking disorder. I am so happy to know that I can finally get some help/guidance to my problem because I really hate picking my skin, however, I feel so helpless and just can't seem to be able to stop. In addition, I find that I pick especially while doing my home work or when I become depressed or sad. I pick my finger nails, skin, bumps. The truth is I am a picker and did not realize that it is a disorder. Thanks for sharing. I really appreciate it.
November 13, 2009

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kcantwell A twenty minute talk/read session in the morning and if possible, two or three one minute sessions during the course of the day. Then, again if possible, a five or ten minute session before bed. But the twenty minute session per day, preferable in the morning, is mandatory. Do this for seven days. Results should begin to show after two or three days. e-mail me "always helping" and we can talk.

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