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shamira , 14 Nov 2009

An AH HA moment

Had an ah ha moment tonight. Every scab I pick or zit I pop is a victory. A success. A way to feel good about myself many times a day. Searching out all the imperfections on my body, (a.k.a. my life) and fixing them – successfully, to make up for all my failures. Financial failure, failed marriage, failed at becoming successful and having a happy life, failed at motherhood and housekeeping, failed businesses, yo-yo weight loss failure, failed to attract a healthy relationship and love life, failed at staying off anti-depressants, failing at grasping technical classes at college, failed at staying out of debt, failed at finding a career I can be passionate about. Basically a failure at life – period! Now what?
1 Answer
November 24, 2009
You're not a failure (says the girl who just called herself that, too) You are not defined by those experiences. Your sick, we're sick. Like someone with pnumonia, cancer, m.s., we have a real illness. I bet you're great at most of the things you've mentioned, but, your expectations are too high. Last year, there were half the websites on this topic. The increase of awareness suggests that we are getting closer to a cure, I hope. Every day is a new opportunity to clear the slate and start fresh. Try again, and again, and again…with me.

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